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Solar Water pumps are high quality products designed for drinking water supply, livestock watering and smaller irrigation applications.
Solar water pump systems deliver water economically, cleanly and reliably, anywhere.

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Submersible pumps range from jaisolar Power Solar supports varied applications like field irrigation or supplying potable water for your communities, while drawing water from underground water sources like bore-wells or sumps.

Our submersible water pump is in high demand due to its innovative mechanical design and impeccable quality. It is available in all size range starts from 100 mm. Our submersible motor pumps are manufactured from the superlative quality raw material using premier manufacturing technology. They encompass both optimum performance and excellent quality. Our submersible water pump is anti-corrosion nature and provides high wear resistance it reduces the running costs due to its high pumping efficiency and longevity. It can work continuously for a longer period of time without any trouble. They are highly reliable and provide best results even under harsh conditions.

Submersible Pumps

Types of Solar Pumps

There are many types of solar pumping sets available in the market. These can be divided into two categories according to – i) water source: submersible solar pumping set and surface solar pumping set. And ii) motor types: DC powered solar pumps and AC powered solar pumps.

Submersible solar water pump set

As the name suggests, these types of solar pumps stay submerged under the water below the ground level. It is used to extract water when the depth of the water level is greater than 6m from the surface. The installation of these solar pumps is usually done by digging bore wells. Submersible solar pumps can be of two types—horizontal submersible pumps and vertical submersible pumps depending on the location of the site. This type of solar water pumping set can draw water out from a great depth but cannot disperse it on a large scale area. It is mainly used for farming, irrigation, drinking water, fish farming, and livestock.

Surface solar water pump set

The surface solar pumps remain out of the water and are placed in the open. They are installed where the water level is within 6m from the surface and are very versatile. Usually surface solar pumps are installed near ditches, ponds or canals. Surface solar pumps though cannot pick up water very high from deep levels but because of their self-priming nature, it can disperse water on a large area of land which makes it suitable for irrigation and other heavy-duty applications.

Both These type of solar pumps comes in different types of motors :

DC pump : This pump runs on a motor which operates on direct current. Hence power generated from the solar panel can be directly transferred to the solar pump to draw out water. No battery or inverter is needed for this type of pump

AC pump : The motor available with this solar pump runs on alternating current, which means the direct current produced by the solar panels gets converted to AC using an inverter or Variable Frequency Drive.

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