Solar Pumps

Solar DC submersible Pump technology

Solar Water Pumps are efficient during dry and sunny seasons. These pumps offer Clean, Green, Echo Friendly and simple alternative to Electric Pumps, Fuel-burning engines and Generators for domestic water, livestock and irrigation. It does not require any type of Electricity, fuel deliveries and requires low maintenance

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Solar BLDC Submersible Pump Technology

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BLDC Submersible Solar Pumps

To Know Importance of BLDC technology in solar pumping business first we have to take a look on Solar Pumping scenario in India and abroad.

500,000 solar water pumping systems will be installed in ISA member countries Solar Pumping in india – Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evem Utthan Mahabhiyan (PM KUSUM) Scheme

• Component B: Installation of 17.50 lakh standalone Solar Powered Agriculture Pumps of individual pump capacity up to 7.5 HP.

• Component C: Solarisation of 10 Lakh Grid-connected Agriculture Pumps of individual pump capacity up to 7.5 HP.

Period Till 31.12.2022

Total - 17.50 Lack+10Lack = 27.50 Lacks Pumps

500,000 solar water pumping systems in ISA member countries

50% Share of these Pumps will be covered by BLDC technology due to its Durability, Performance and energy efficiency (7 Star)

True Manufacturers of BLDC pump In india

1. Waaree energies
2. Shakti pumps ( Only Player in 10HP BLDC Pump Production)*
3. Lubi pumps
4. 2-3 approx Local Players* (Not Sure)

These Statics are more than enough to show importance of BLDC Technology in Indian solar pumping industry

JaisolarPumps offer you to start your own BLDC Pump Production by Technology Transfer in current 100 Solar Pumps Cost, Means if your current requirement is 100 solar pumps than this is a great offer for you to start your Own production and to take a proud stand in BLDC manufacturer League. We have already successfully transferred BLDC technology to India’s leading Solar Company.


A complete Pump Range

We offer submersible pumps with energy-efficient duty points ranging from 0.6 to 110 cubic mtr/h. the pump range consists of many pump sizes and each pump size is available with an optional number of stages to match any duty point.


We offer a complete range of pumps and motors which as a standard are made completely of stainless steel AlS1-304. This provides for good wear resistance and a reduced risk of corrosion when pumping ordinary cold water with a minor content of chloride.

Low Installation Costs

Stainless steel means low weight facilitating the handling of pumps and resulting in low equipment costs and reduced installation and service time. In addition, pumps will be as new after service due to the high wear resistance of stainless steel.

We are the one-stop platform which is providing a diversified assortment of submersible pump motor of various sizes starts from 100 mm. Our submersible motor is manufactured from the pure stainless steel under high precision. Our submersible motors can be manufactured from the NEMA standards. It is very easy to dismantle & repair them and has no priming and suction problems. Submersible pump motor needs no special maintenance and consumes low electricity. Its robust structure and totally rust proof nature ensure its durability and authenticity. They have very high efficiency and are specifically designed for high voltage fluctuations.

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